*Unfortunately the game is quite laggy, but I am working on fixing that! For now try to make small mouse movements to combat the lag - thank you for understanding :)*

WASD to move around.

SPACE BAR to throw bread away.

Welcome to pigeons...and one bread, toast thing. 

My game aims to reflect my irrational fear of pigeons. You play as a regular person, who happens to fear pigeons, despite loving them, due to a unfortunate event. Set in Union Square, the player must run away from the pigeons before they catch them or the player loses. The pigeons will increase in number and speed, so eventually there is no escape. However, luck ensues! The player can find bread to appease the pigeons and find the exit to escape. I choose this topic because while I am afraid of pigeons, I think this fear is quite comical and something I definitely experience everyday living in NYC. I often find myself trying to do really silly things to avoid pigeons getting near me, whether its throwing bread crumbs from my bagel to simply hiding behind trees or my friends.

The process of making my game was actually not terrible. In fact it went better than I expected. I had made a Trello board with all my goals for this game and was able to keep almost all my goals. I did have to scope down on a few ideas, but my game still runs as I'd like. I think the hardest part for me was the coding because I am not a strong coder, but my professor helped me a lot with the code, which made the process easy to navigate.  I had a lot of fun doing every aspect of my project, nothing wasn't enjoyable for me. Usually, coding would be something I wouldn't like to do, but I actually really enjoyed coding this project because it allowed me to see my funny idea come to life. I definitely loved making the physical objects the most, especially the pigeon. Designing how my assets would look like was loads of fun and helped me understand blender a lot more. I think I one good decision I made was using unity objects as a layout for Union Square before actually modeling them in blender, however one bad decision I made was leaving the modeling for Union Square till last minute. It made for very rushed models, especially when I wanted them to look very polished.  Overall, I enjoyed the workflow I maintained during this project and hope to further this project to its best version. 

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